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About Us

Allied Seafood LLC is an experience and well known Distributor and International supplier in the seafood industry. The company has an exquisite range of fresh and frozen products and is well known for its superior supply of Fresh Tuna to the Global Market. We have an established professional team of individuals who believe in serving the customers with dedication and loyalty


We have several years of experience in Tuna processing, we take pride in serving customers across the world. Our main markets include USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia. Our Specialties include Yellow Fin tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Oil Fish, Grouper and much more. We also specialize in steaks, cubes and seafood blocks. Our products are packed and labeled according to the requirements of the clients.


We attribute our success to the customers and we strongly believe in maintaining high quality and providing the best seafood to our clients who are spread across the globe. We gain a competitive advantage in the seafood industry from the strong connections with our suppliers worldwide..


Our core values of sustainability, reliability and quality make us one of the most preferred partners in the seafood industry. We look forward to meeting the expectations and demand of our customers and serving them with competitive prices and premium quality.