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Frozen Whole Round Tuna


We work on a simple Motto “Quality, Quality, Quality”. At Allied Seafoods, we ensure that all our sea food products are of premium quality and satisfies the requirements of the customer.


Our process to ensure the quality is straight forward and simple. Our partners in the process are suppliers who maintain the freshness and quality of the fish from the moment, it is caught and delivered to us.

Our suppliers use traditional methods like hand line and long line fishing and ensures that freshness and quality of the
fish are maintained at all times at the time of catch to the time of delivery. Under our supervision, the products are handled minimally,
processed using the international quality standards and labeled according to
the client’s requirements.
At our certified plants and factories, we ensure that USFDA, USDA,
HACCP food safety guidelines are met and we make sure that our products provide 100% satisfaction to our customers across the globe

Sea food products from Allied Seafoods are produced in a sustainable manner that is consistent in maintaining the marine ecosystem and at the same time providing superior quality to customers in the international markets


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